samedi 25 décembre 2010


Julieta Sans says"As a photographer I am interested in the moment where people let their guard down and show themselves in their vulnerability. Perhaps for that instant, and regardless of how little we may know or understand each other, we will reach some kind of empathy, as brief as it may be.
My position as a photographer is voyeuristic but in a way in which I don't expect the model to perform but to agree to some sort of exchange with me, as if in a way they were pretending not to know someone was there to spy on them. How do we see ourselves and what do we choose to show the others? My work also explores sensuality as opposed to seduction: the brief moments in which, in solitude, one can be amazed by one's own beauty, be it physical or in a brief gesture

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julieta started photography school while studying Literature at university. She then moved to Barcelona where she pursued her studies and personal work and finally settled in London where she finished her postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins. Julieta has exhibited ner work in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, London and Paris and collaborated with several different publications. Her work will next be featured alongside a piece she has written in DayFour´s next issue and exhibition, "Winter Notes on Summer Impressions". 

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  1. But it also speaks of the ills of our society, like consumerism, racism, problems of identity. Art news