vendredi 24 décembre 2010


Catherine Matausch is a painter and French journalist, been born in 1960 ( Brignoles, Var).
Presenter on the French television of the news (France 3).

" Because to paint it is to listen to and to perceive somewhere else ", Catherine Matausch chose the paint to meet better.
Far from television studio sets, the journalist becomes an artist and leaves with weather the care of stopping.
Pads of sketch always at hand, her glance ceaselessly seems to have a walk, to rummage according to the forms and the colors which offer the urban horizons or the isolated landscapes.

Admitted objective: merge in the heart of the atmospheres.
Move in them to seize them better. Absorb this world which surrounds it, almost until the drunkenness.
" This place which I paint is necessarily the one which feeds me, me loving, with in the rear the same need to return to it. " Always the necessity of testifying of this time which takes off, of all these feelings of moment.

Of surges printed by light, in more skinned, more tortured lines, the artist spins, without ever forgetting to deliver to some of her paintings her perfect parts.
Soaked with earth and with nature, Cath Math gives free rein to its instinctive pondering. Of  her paintings shows through the most beautiful of the invitations, that " to see the imagination. "
Guillaume FRIXON - Journalist.


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