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Ana Laura’s work shows her concerns around questions of space and human scale, as well as her quest for personal identity, in all fields of experience. To this end, she uses a mix of sculpture, drawing, architecture, video, photography and more recently, music.
She is the director of GEOMETRICAL LIFE, a space design studio, in partnership with César Rey and Daniel Holc. Their first, non-ephemeral project, was a shop for jewellery designer Chus Burés in Barcelona in 2004.
Ana Laura offers her voice in GIRLS ON FILM, a music project where she collaborated with electronic music duo SILVANIA. She has also collaborated with musician Ascii.Disko, who writes the soundtracks for her more recent video works.

Ana Laura had her own page in the Spanish edition of VOGUE between the years 1999 – 2001.
She regularly writes and designes features for lifestyle magazines such as NEO-2 and B-GUIDED.
Ana Laura’s work was first presented to the greater public in 1992, with her show SUPERFICIE at the Joan Miró Fundation in Barcelona. The show presented three dimensional objects only. In 1996 however, she’d take an enormous conceptual leap when she designed a fashion boutique to present as an art installation at the Sala Montcada de la Caixa, also in Barcelona. In this instalation, she mixed conventional artistic objects, with contemporary consumer goods and even clothes.
In Madrid, she is best known for her instalation DANCE & DISCO of 2000, presented at the Museo Reina Sofía: a real, functional club designed within the art venue Espacio Uno. Its club dynamics, which included actual club nights with professional dj sessions, lived along the more passive, traditional museum activities. Thanks to a literal, bold character that gave no concessions toi the museum’s tradition, DANCE & DISCO attracted a young public that had never been to an art exhibition before. Later in 2001, she’d design three instalations for the Spanish Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. For this project, she transformed the peripheral architecture around the pavillion into three independent spaces that created three different environments. In 2003, she designed her Beauty Cabinet Prototype for the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where she collaborated with cosmetic giant Shiseido. In the year 2004, Ana Laura would revisit her succesful DANCE & DISCO in a new project, deisgning an architectural project, in the form of an autonomous structure in the shape of a lightning bolt that cut through the Taidemuseo Tennispalatsi of Helsinki.

Some of her projects in the year 2005 are:
GOODBYE HORSES, an instalation at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo. A large scale spiral reminescent of Tatlin’s constructivist Monument Over the Third International.
The cosmetic brand “Coreana” chose Ana Laura’s video SUPERFICIALITY, along with work by Korean artists, for their COSMOS COSMETIC show at SPACE *C in Seul.
Her video-instalation K-STAINS at the Spaniush Embassy in Seul was Ana Laura’s first project with a conventional narrative script. Soon after, she’d present GORGEOUS IS NOT ENOUGH at the Pirelli Space in Milano.
More recently, she has collaborated with British photographer Nick Knight in his online project “Amaze Me”.
Her work on photographic medium took part in the group show EUROPART that took place in Vienna. Work by more than sseventy European artists was exhibited on giant billboards all over the Austrian capital.

In 2005 ,the projects are:
A solo show, BLACK METAL - PINK T-SHIRT, at Galería Moisés Pérez de Albéniz in Pamplona (Spain).
A public space project, BAMBI, at Mercado de la Boquería in Barcelona.
In 2006, a installation, ARQUITECTURA DE SONIDO, for the Banco de la República Museum in Bogotá, (Colombia).
Currently, in 2007:
K-STAINS. Casa Asia, Barcelona.
MARIE`S STORY. Space C*, Seoul.
EMPTY SPACES for the LAB PROJECT at Sharjah Museum ,United Arab Emirates.
ART FAIRS WITH VACÌO 9 Gallery, Madrid
MACO Méjico 07. Méjico D.F.
Open Plan. Art Athina 07. Athens
Volta Show 03. Basel 

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