dimanche 26 décembre 2010


The photo artist Herr Butcha turns reality upside down in his pictures and created his own phantasy of a bizarre visual world where the artist sometimes likes to take the role of the protagonist buchta, the jester, the twisted, takes the spectator on a journey into a grotesque world which is artfully and perfect staged.

Herr Buchta recently published its second book "Intense", of a high quality.
Short text of introduction of the painter and the writer Norbert Potthoff, very interesting.
It is one fascinating journey in the world of the artist.
At the beginning, I was a little surprised that Buchta has some "normal" photos, as I knew nothing of him until now.
The rest of its photos is bizarre, sometimes unrefined and controversed.
His work generates some disgust, the refusal, or the fascination, but often a wide smile..
Buchta stages in several photos, not as king, but shameless, he uses himself as a means of auto-mockery.
Besides Buchta, in "Intense" there a variety of extravaguants models.

In "Intense" is a large variety of styles and topics.
Surreal, wacky, too grotesque to be provocative, and humorous, it Buchta!
One thing is certain: This picture book is really worth! To
for about 35 , you can laugh as long and as often as you like.

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